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I get so jealous of everyone that hugs you…. Because in that second, for that moment, they hold my entire world in their arms.
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Everyone please please please help out my boyfriend @kyler-sells-seashells. We’ve been dating for two years and almost seven months. I’ve been with him through his journey of being trans. He’s had it so hard. We began dating in the eighth grade; imagine that, a bunch of ignorant, immature kids who didn’t understand. We got called lesbians just about everyday, which neither of us have anything against any of the LGBTQ community, but Kyler isn’t my girlfriend, he’s my BOYfriend. And not a single person understood that except for me. His parents didn’t even support him and they still don’t. His mother refuses to accept the fact that she had a handsome son instead of a beautiful daughter. And his stepdad, for a lack of better words, is the biggest asshole I know. Both his mother and stepfather treat him like a slave. They say the meanest things to purposely hurt him, and take jabs at him for no reason. On top of that, they can’t even respect and use the correct pronouns. My boyfriend can’t go anywhere with them without “she” or “her” pouring out from their lips. And it’s humiliating for him to be called something he’s not. Without parental support, things started getting to him. He has anxiety and dysphoria so bad that he had to drop out of, what I believe to be, the most accepting school in our county. In addition to all of this, it’s tough for him to get a job. Employers don’t respect his gender and discriminate against him for being transgender. Money’s tight, and he’s struggling. His parents eventually allowed him to start testosterone, although it seemed to be begrudgingly. And recently, his mother has agreed to letting him get top surgery. She hasn’t quite committed to her word, but as of now, Kyler is trying to save for his surgery. His parents are not paying a penny, however, and his insurance does not cover the surgery. He’s been working his butt off mowing lawns in 90 degree Florida weather, which is humid. He was asthma, allergies, and he wears his binder. He’s suffering trying to make money. Plus, his mother is now trying to make him pay for all his food, something parents are suppose to do. 
I love him so much… And I’m trying to help as much as I can. I hate to see him suffer; I know he’s miserable. He’s my other half, the Anakin to my Padmé. He’s my everything and I want him to be happy!  He’s the love of my life and I need help getting Kyler money. Please donate, every cent counts!!! He’s going as far as giving away his brand new xbox one with controllers and games to a lucky winner, just to raise money. He’s been selling all his clothes and everything he can. Please donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/5r0iww
If you can’t donate, at least reblog please!
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